Password management

Are you using the same password for every website? Does your password include your name? Is it ‘password’? Be sure to read on…

You’ve probably heard it before:

  • Make your password hard to guess
  • Use mixed characters
  • Make it random
  • And use a different password for every website…

But, you’ve most likely run into the problem most people run into. It’s hard to keep track of so many passwords, and it is hard to create unique passwords. With a password manager all of these problems become easier to manage. Although I use and recommend 1Password there is some work and learning required to make it work. I’ve put together a video for it (20 minutes), but below are the steps I suggest:

  1. Sign up for 1Password. You’ll need to pick the right plan, but you’ll get a 30 day free trial.
  2. Download the Mac app and the iPhone app. They are included free with the subscription.
  3. Get the apps setup.
  4. Get to know a little bit about the Mac app and iOS app.
  5. Start entering your current passwords into 1Password. This can be a manual process, or done with the browser extension.
  6. Use 1Password Mac app to find weak and duplicate passwords. You’ll see this in the sidebar to the left in 1Password.

  7. Take this information to update your duplicate and weak passwords with strong, unique passwords.
  8. After the fixing is done, use 1Password all the time when you signup for new accounts and websites

It make take some effort, but in the long run using a password manager is worth it. Especially with chime of regular website breaches in the news. The best part, you’ll only need to come up with, and remember a single (make it strong) password to unlock and view all of your passwords.

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