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Quiet Siri, you are talking too much


By default, Siri likes to chat, confirming what you say and speaking the results of your commands when appropriate. If you don’t like all that banter, go to Settings > Siri > Voice Feedback and select either Control with Ring Switch (the iPhone’s physical switch) or Control with Mute Setting (iPad) to make Siri be quiet when the device is muted. …

Teleport Around Your Mac with the Sidebar

By guest author Adam Engst


If your Mac resembles an absent-minded professor’s office with files and folders strewn hither and thither, getting to the right spot to open or save a file may have become slow and clumsy. Sure, in an ideal world, you’d organize everything perfectly, but you’d also be flossing twice a day, calling your mother every Sunday, and eating more leafy greens. …

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