Support Plans

If you work out of your home as a small business owner, or you run a corporate IT department that is looking for help with the Macs' on your network, there is a plan for you.

The Personal Support Plan is great for the solopreneur with one or two Macs. The Business Support Plan scales well to small businesses with more then 2 users, all the way up to a corporation full of Mac users. 

You choose the plan that best fits your needs. Every plan includes, phone/remote and email support. Plus proactive monitoring, one-click access to support, and maintenance of your Macs! Compare the plans below and pick one that works best for you. All plans are available with no contract.

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Pro(active) Check-Up

Support Portal

Online Documentation

Pro(active) Maintenance

One-Click Support

Email Support

Phone/Remote Support

15 minutes/day

15% Discount

On-Site Support*

15% Discount

Off-Site Backup**

+ $5/Mac/month


15% Discount



Please Call


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(224) 280-0926

✅ = Included/Unlimited

N/A = Not Available.
Regular rate = Full current rate. Contact us for specific rates or ask using chat below.
Discount = After included support, receive a discount on additional support.
* = Within service area.
** = Client Mac only, servers 

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