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iOS Overview: Saturday, September 9th; 10am - 12pm - Register

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Bring your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to this hands on group help session. Registration is encouraged but not required.

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Dan is very informative and delivers data in a very easy way so we can be comfortable to ask questions. He very well prepared to handle a group with all different questions. I am looking forward to his next session. — Pat

Dan was so positive, patient, and informative with every question asked. So glad I took time to attend. — Donna G.

 I like Dans approach to the open format that addresses each individual's Mac problems or questions. He has lots of experience and knowledge to share. I enjoy it immensely and hope to attend the next one.—  Jim D.

Great information, I really appreciate the help!  – Marc C.

He is very complete with the information given and he does show patience... Even if I have to have it repeated. I enjoy these sessions very much. Thank you! —  Josephine J.

Managing Passwords

With the recent alert about 1.2 billion passwords that were stolen by Russian hackers, now would be a good time to change your password. Also, having a separate password for each website you use is important and necessary. If one account is compromised, and you have other accounts that use the same password, you've just made the lives of the bad guys that much easier. 

Managing all of those passwords is a pain, unless you use some of the tips mentioned before in the newsletter. If you’re still unsure or want to learn more and you missed joining me for the free Managing Passwords program at the Lake Villa District Library, that’s OK. You can still download the presentation slides, and watch the entire presentation below.

I will preface this with I not a security expert, I am above average in the paranoia department, support professional. This information is to be used as a guideline, ultimately you are responsible your on-line security.

See the Slides from the presentation here.

Full Library Presentation (20 minutes)

Links from the Presentation

Password Strength - Wikipedia

Brut-force Attack - Wikipedia

PassFault - For demo purpose only. Never enter your real password into an unknown website.

CSID 2012 Survey - PDF

1Password - Software in Demo

1Password First Setup - Agilebits

Dropbox - Cross platform sync software

CNet top 6 Password Managers - Comparison of Password Managers

How to create a strong master password - Agilebits

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