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What is the first thing you think about when you think about Apple products? Easy to use, few problems, great style. I agree, but like all technology you have to deal with the issues that can arise. That’s where I come in. Hello I’m Daniel Monge and I’m here, to help solve those issues for you. I know about the frustration of technology woes, supporting Macs for over 20 years I’ve seen all kinds of issues.

Some issues are simple to solve, some can drive you to the brink of insanity. I’ve chronicled some of the most popular issues I’ve run into in Tips From The Tech and I’ve put together a PDF to help you solve the top 5 issues yourself. I’ll even help out for free in person and through my newsletter.

For those times that you can’t figure it out yourself, or you’ve realized your time is more valuable spent elsewhere, I can help. You realize the extraordinary value of having an expert proactively support you and your technology before trouble strikes. Helping businesses with Macs is my speciality, and I enjoy delivering help day in and day out to my clients. 

My Biography

My career started in the print industry; making printing plates out of high school. From there I moved into supervisory and managerial positions introducing desktop publishing on the Mac to the same company. After successfully training and introducing the software tools needed to move all artwork creation in house, I moved into design, production manager, and manager positions all the while, sharpening my tech skills on the Mac. Through the years my work with the Mac increased and grew more involved, evolving from a user to the person others would seek to answer questions. This evolution moved my primary career path out of the print industry in January 2009.

My Personal Life

I am the proud father of two great kids. Fortunate enough to be married to a smart, wonderful woman I’ve known since high school. Some of my other passions (besides Macs and Apple) are ice hockey; playing and coaching, reading to expand my knowledge, and spending quality time with my family. We live outside of Chicago, Illinois.

My Certifications

  • Apple Certified Support Professional 10.5, 10.8, 10.12
  • Apple Certified Associate Mac Integration 10.8, 10.10
  • Certified Proactive Support Professional
  • Microsoft Office for Mac Support Professional 2013
  • Microsoft Office Support Professional for Mac and iOS 2015

My Toolbox

My Contact Information

When you are serious about getting your Mac up and running but most importantly, keep it running smoothly call me at (224) 280-0926 or email me tech@macitpros.com. You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook and connect with me on LinkedIn.

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