Pro(active) Check-Up

Pro(active) Check-Up is automated monitoring and reporting designed to watch the overall health of your Mac. This serves to identify small problems before they develop into large, more costly issues. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your Mac will be monitored for signs of failure or potential trouble by a certified professional you can trust. Call (224) 280-0926 or send an email for more information to get started on your Business Support Plan or Personal Support Plan and get Pro(active) Check-Up on your Mac today.

Just a small sampling of the items monitored regularly:

  • Backup Status (failure and success)
  • Disk Errors and low space errors
  • Malware & Adware
  • RAM Errors
  • And more! 

Call (224) 280-0926 or email today to get started with your Business Support Plan.

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